4 Ways Process Improvement Can Increase Objectivity In The Workplace

Hilary Corna
3 min readMay 16

You cannot run and grow a business relying on your gut. The lack of objectivity in operations can lead to inefficiencies, inconsistency, poor decision-making, lack of transparency, and reduced accountability, among others.

Process improvement can increase objectivity in business by introducing standardized processes and procedures that are based on objective data and analysis rather than gut feeling, subjective opinions, hearsay, or preferences. By using data-driven analysis and identifying areas where processes can be improved, organizations can reduce variability and inconsistencies in their workflows, which in turn can increase objectivity.

How Process Improvement Can Increase Objectivity At Work:

1. Standardization

Once you standardize your operations, it will tell you how to design your organization so you don’t have to rely on your gut. It removes the visceral component in your operations and makes them more objective.

Without standardized processes, work can be done in different ways by different people, which can lead to variability in outcomes. This can result in quality issues, customer dissatisfaction, and higher costs.

Standardizing your processes can help to reduce subjective biases and variations in the way work is done. When everyone follows the same procedures, it becomes easier to identify where problems are occurring and to address them in a consistent and objective manner.

2. Data-driven decision making

Process improvement often involves collecting data on how work is being done and using that data to identify areas for improvement. This data-driven approach can help to eliminate biases and opinions that might otherwise influence decision-making.

3. Increased transparency

Process improvement initiatives often involve making work processes more transparent and accessible to all stakeholders. This increased transparency can help to ensure that decisions are made based on objective criteria rather than on personal opinions or relationships.

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