4 Ways Process Improvement Creates Better Experiences at Work

Hilary Corna
3 min readDec 20, 2022

When we think about the benefits of process improvement, it’s always about increased productivity, reduced waste/cost and better quality. However, what really makes this work great is its ability to create a better work experience for everyone in the organization.

Process improvement creates a culture of doing things the right way at the right time every time. It makes it easier for the people behind the process to succeed and fosters an environment that doesn’t punish errors or mistakes but instead works to prevent chaos and shitshows from happening again.

Here are four ways process improvement creates better experience at work:

1. Boosts job satisfaction and employee morale.

Doing the same routine every day is definitely not one of the top things that keeps employees at a company. It’s not surprising that positions involving routine tasks is not growing. But with process improvement, every employee is asked to constantly look for new ways to help their company grow.

Instead of being stuck doing routine and mind-numbing tasks, they are involved in developing changes to make work better. Knowing that they are having a direct impact in the workplace boosts morale. When employees feel valued and feel that their individual efforts contribute to the growth and success of their company, they feel more satisfied with their job. Employees involved in process improvement are met with a sense of pride in being part of something valuable within the company.

2. Promotes teamwork.

In continuous process improvement, instead of making changes disjointedly by department, you are changing as one–what is called one-team alignment. This creates opportunities for employees to work in a collaborative and unified manner because everyone is working towards a common goal.

You’re able to avoid organizational silos because process improvement creates opportunities for employees to collaborate with and meet people from other departments as well as understand what is important from different department vantage points. This way, employees are able to see the bigger picture and…

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