Pre-COVID my life was always on the move. Speaking in different states, running workshops, training, working book events, consulting and more.

With all due respect for anyone who has suffered with COVID or had a family member/friend who has, I actually think of COVID as a blessing. It made me pause and, as Michael Gerber says in The E-Myth, it made me determine a better way to live.

I’ve spent the last year significantly changing many priorities in my life. I reflected on what kind of impact I have already made and, going forward, what kind of impact I want…

To celebrate 30 episodes of the UNprofessional podcast, I’m sharing some of the best pieces of advice with you straight from our amazing guests. From overcoming insecurities to knowing how to handle uncomfortable conversations in the workplace, here are 10 excellent pieces of advice to inspire growth in your career, business and personal life:

  1. “It was actually fitness, getting in shape when I was in college and weight training that really helped break those barriers of insecurity and shyness. Doing things that build up your confidence, finding things that truly excite you — maybe it’s painting or maybe it’s contributing…

Retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges for many businesses. Based on research conducted among 600 businesses with 50–500 employees, 63% of companies reported having more difficulty in employee retention than hiring. Losing and replacing an employee is costly too. To avoid facing these issues, business leaders should know how to make and keep their employees happy.

While it is not a guarantee that a happy employee will always choose to stay, a 2019 review of employees’ job satisfaction and its effects on their retention shows that companies that have supportive management/co-workers and an environment where people feel…

We all experience personal problems at some point in our lives, and sometimes those problems can also affect our work. According to a study by, 47% of employees admit that their personal problems can impact their performance at work.

As a leader, you have to show empathy to someone who is going through personal problems while making sure that your team’s performance isn’t compromised. This is no easy task, but it can be done effectively.

Here are 4 strategies to consider when your employees’ work is being affected by personal matters:

1. Practice empathy, but be fair.

Empathy is essential both personally and professionally since…

Practicing gratitude has incredible effects that can make a huge difference in your life, from improving your physical and mental health to building better personal and professional relationships. Plus, there’s abundant research to back up the benefits of practicing gratitude.

What Happens When You Practice Gratitude

Being grateful is a life hack that is easy to do and has guaranteed long-lasting results. Great things await those who practice gratitude. Here are some of its most rewarding benefits:

You will feel less stressed.

Gratitude enables us to see the positive or the good in not-so-great circumstances and not be overwhelmed by problems that are usually beyond our control. Practicing gratitude pulls us…

At the start of the pandemic, women were losing their jobs at a faster rate than men, giving rise to the term “ shecession.” But the future of women at work is looking brighter than people predicted it would be a year ago. According to a research published by the Resolution Foundation in June, women’s average working hours have taken a smaller hit than men’s during the pandemic. This is mainly due to women who don’t have kids working more hours than ever before.

Though full-time employment for women has increased, it is too early to declare the end of…

For the longest time, I tried to fit a mold.

To be old enough.

To be masculine enough.

To be business-y enough.

To be quiet enough.

To be non-white enough.

People kept challenging my career and worth for not being enough of one thing.

I took pride in each new version of myself. I was constantly changing but never really being anyone…much less myself. That’s when I realized that being a “chameleon” was the worst advice I’ve ever given at a keynote. That’s when I became free.

I realized that I don’t have to prescribe to the mold defined by…

Self-discipline sets you up for success in nearly all aspects of your life. When you have it, chances are you’re doing great at sticking to a healthy lifestyle, achieving your career goals, and nurturing your personal relationships.

We often think of people who are disciplined to be task-oriented and not likely to be the life of the party. But does self-discipline really prevent us from fully enjoying our lives?

The answer is no: self-discipline isn’t really about depriving yourself of the good things in life. And it’s definitely not about being a workaholic. …

This week, I’m sharing with you the top 3 most streamed episodes of the UNprofessional podcast — featuring innovative human leaders who are not afraid to break the mold to achieve their mission.

I hope you’ll enjoy and learn as much as I did in interviewing these amazing human beings.

Creating an Award-Winning Startup Culture with Courtney Branson

“We all live with feelings every day and for a company to ignore that is cold. It doesn’t create loyalty or your ability to nurture and retain great talent.” — Courtney Branson

VP of People & Culture, Courtney Branson, has led Square Root to win nationwide notoriety for the company’s…

Half of the people living in this world are female. You’d expect that half of the thought leaders who inspire us would be women, too. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Research by Instant Offices shows that 6 out of every 10 people worldwide who describe themselves as a thought leader on LinkedIn are male. In virtually every country, more men consider themselves thought leaders than women.

This would explain why in my four years at university I never once had a female speaker come to my campus. …

Hilary Corna

CEO | Founder of The Human Way | Bestselling Author | New book #UNprofessional out 9/21 | Host of the UNprofessional podcast | As seen in Forbes, Fortune, WSJ

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