Are You A Workaholic?

How do you know if you are a workaholic?

Ask yourself what motivates you to work. If you’re driven by excitement, enthusiasm and the need to pay the bills (which is totally healthy!), then you’re doing just fine.

  1. You are not getting enough sleep because you are working on projects or completing work-related tasks.
  2. You are often thinking of ways to free up your time to do work (even if it means sacrificing your personal time on the weekend).
  3. You have an intense fear of failure and are paranoid about your performance at work.
  4. You keep yourself busy working to reduce or escape feelings of guilt, depression and/or helplessness.
  5. Your family or friends have asked you to cut down on work, but you don’t listen. If people who care for you are worried about your working habits, you might really have a problem.
  6. You are stressed out when you are prohibited from working. When you are not working, you feel anxious because you really want to be working.
  7. You stop doing other activities outside work. You no longer have time for your hobbies, leisure activities and even exercise because you’re spending all of your time working.
  8. Your work habits negatively affect your health .

How do you overcome being a workaholic?

Technology makes it even more challenging to avoid work-related tasks because smartphones, tablets and laptops allow you to work from anywhere at any time. According to a New York Post article , 48% of employed Americans considered themselves workaholics.

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