Cultivating Empathy in the Workplace

  • Feeling excited for a stranger who has achieved his/her goal
  • Understanding someone’s feelings as they explain their side

Pay attention.

Listen to what the other person is saying . This means not just listening for the sake of hearing that person out. Through active listening, you can understand the entire message behind that person’s words.

Look into their perspective.

Keep an open mind and be flexible. In the process of listening, you must withhold your judgment and make room for the feelings of the other person. Don’t outwardly act on your beliefs and assumptions while listening to the other person because it will not cultivate empathy and get the exact opposite outcome of what you’re hoping for.

Check for signs of burnout.

Especially in these challenging times, people are feeling stressed and having a hard time balancing work and life at home.

Show interest in the aspirations and needs of others.

To be an empathetic leader, acknowledge and understand the unique goals and needs of your team, including delegating work assignments properly. It will contribute to employee satisfaction and performance.

Be willing to help, even with a personal problem.

Recognize that your employees are dynamic and unique individuals who have individualized means of dealing with and shouldering family issues while keeping up with work duties and responsibilities. Understand that it’s your role to support team members who are in need. Doing so will also lead to an open communication line that promotes transparency at work.

Be authentic and honest.

Empathetic leaders are transparent. They can admit they’re imperfect humans who are also capable of making mistakes.

Lead by example.

Foster empathy in the workplace by modeling it in your behavior . For example, seek to understand perspectives and feelings when interacting with employees. This sets the tone at work and encourages employees to do the same as they feel more comfortable.

Moving Forward:

Empathy is a powerful soft skill that gives you the ability to relate to and perceive other people’s emotions and experiences through compassion.

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