From Robotic to Humanized Marketing, How Your Business Can Adapt to Change

Hilary Corna
4 min readFeb 10, 2021

“There is nothing personal. It’s just business.”

What colder treatment could be farther from this? What if we rephrase it and say, “It’s personal because it’s business” instead?

In the context, I am trying to compare traditional and dehumanized versus modern and humanized approaches that enterprises/businesses use.

In the past, we were taught that businesses were efficient if they’re well-oiled, particularly in the Industrial Revolution. The problem with this thinking, people (consumers and business owners alike perceive companies as a machine without emotions).

Humans Run A Business. Consumers Are Humans.

Business is personal.

Humans make running a business possible, not just because of the processes, machines and technologies involved but because of the people involved.

“Machines were not only seen as tools, but they became the ideal framework of how things were supposed to work, even businesses.” It’s time to let go of this concept that the Industrial Revolution has inculcated in our minds.

Unfortunately, several companies still adapt it on how they work, run their systems, and treat customers.

And for decades, companies give a more significant focus on productivity and efficiency than on people.

The machine-like efficient system might have worked, but we are now in the Information Age.

Machines remain static unless humans reinvent or upgrade them, but companies are dynamic. It constantly evolves to meet the demands of change.

Change Is Inevitable. Don’t Ignore It.

We no longer live in the Industrialization Era.

Getting stuck on yesterday’s strategies will only hinder us from adapting to the ever-changing business landscape.

The possible solution, humanize your business so that it can be easier to adapt to the changes.

After all, human challenges make up a majority of the issues that companies face.

For example, your employees and customers now have more power over two things — controlling and…

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