How To Make Process Improvement Fun

Hilary Corna
2 min readApr 18, 2023

Business doesn’t have to be boring. The same thing goes with process improvement. Most of the time processes are such a buzzkill because it’s usually coming from a place of problems. But if we rally behind the positives, processes can be fun and exciting. They can be creative, innovative and give something for your team to rally behind. Here’s how:

Start by defining the ideal state of your organization

Process improvement is not just about improving efficiencies, driving quality, or improving profitability. We can also have fun talking about the future…

  • What’s possible with onboarding?
  • What’s possible with your sales prospecting process?
  • How do we achieve your BHAG?

Instead of constantly seeing processes as having to always fix something which makes us feel like we’re never good enough, you focus on designing the ideal state of your organization. A place where your employees feel loved and excited to work…where your customers are referring their family and friends and talking about you online without you having to ask them.

Start by defining your ideal state and design processes that create that. As you go, you solve problems along the way. It’s about aligning towards this exciting ideal state…



Hilary Corna

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