Why You Don’t Need Customer Journey Mapping

Hilary Corna
2 min readMay 9

A CEO that I used to work with recently said to me that most companies are just pretending to have processes in place.

Not because they are lying to themselves but because they don’t actually know how to accurately create them.

When I audit a company, what I quickly realize is that each department has its own unique way of creating them, and none of those departments’ processes speak to each other.

As you can imagine, this becomes a problem quickly.

If the processes don’t speak to each other, then there’s no way to track the actual flow of goods and information over time.

Or where a lot of other companies turn is to think they need customer journey mapping.

What they need is a process. This is where I can help.

I have a proven method to help any company solve up to 20% of its problems in just 48 hours.

In my latest offer, the Flowstate Workshop, I’m taking the senior leaders through a tool to map out their flow of goods and information over time.

During our time together, we will help you understand the current state of your business with 100% accuracy. This is so vital because most companies spring into action and create processes before they have even identified what is needed.

On top of that, we will get all of your departments on the same page and move towards the future goal together.

Stop assuming what is happening behind the scenes and get crystal clear instead so that you can feel peace of mind in your daily operations.

Plus, by the time we are done, you’ll have a flow so beautiful that you won’t be able to help but show it off.

Apply now!

Or visit hilarycorna.com/workshop to learn more.

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Hilary Corna

Hilary Corna

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